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Why did the crowed turn on Jesus when he was being judged by Pilate?

As Jesus approached Jerusalem just prior to his capture and crucifixion Luke 19:29-37 showed the crowds greatly rejoiced and honored him. They had seen and heard of the many great works and miracles that he had done and were praising Him. What changed their attitude that they would cry for him to be killed a short time later, and for a killer to be released by Pilate instead? We must understand that the Jews were under a Roman oppression at the time and had been looking for a godly leader that would free them from the harsh rulers. After all, God had saved them many times before and had shown His power against their enemies. Now, they believed that Jesus was the miracle man that God had sent as their deliverer. Suddenly, they saw Him before Pilate’s judgement bloodied, beaten and bleeding and saying nothing. They were forced to understand that He appeared unable to save himself and certainly not them. They were confused and angered, feeling that they had been tricked or betrayed by God. They did not know that God’s plan was for a different type of deliverance to release them from the bonds of spiritual evil that also held them captive more so than their physical oppressors. They saw Barabbas, not as a criminal, but a freedom fighter. He became their hope for an earthly physical salvation. Jesus was, in fact, offering much more. God was offering eternal freedom and a joy and faith capable of overcoming earthly fear and a sinful death. So the people cried for Christ’s crucifixion, for they had lost faith in Christ. They did not know that they were really resigning themselves to an earthly hell with tribulations that God would use to draw them back to Him over the next 2000 years.


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