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COVID 19-Another view

Imagine God’s feelings at seeing how people are more and more putting Him aside to think only of themselves, rationalizing that they know best how to take care of themselves and do those things they desire instead of using the bible to structure their lives. They dwell on the things of the world instead of their future in Heaven. They listen to false lies that lead them away from Christ and His truths that could guide them in times of trouble. How sad The Father must feel knowing that time is short before He will send Jesus to collect those that are His and leave the world without the Holy Spirit to hold back evil. Then. the world will discover what real worry is leading to the times of tribulation, the reign of the Antichrist and life without God in control. What should God do to allow turn people back to Him and His desire to answer their prayers for help and guidance before it is too late?

As in times past, plagues and difficulties bring fears and hardships but also make people re-evaluate their decisions and turn again to God for help.
They are the equivalent of a needed spanking to show that a child’s path should change. The short-lived pain is justified to bring about change for the good and well-being of those tested for a better future. Thus, God allows Satan to bring about fearful things that will cause pain but serve to also cause re-evaluation and turning toward the good path before it is too late.

Could this time of virus fear be such a tool to force people into a self-test of faith? It could turn people again to prayer and holiness in their lives. It could show if people, once again, would seek to help each other in a common cause and the true meaning of love. In the end, their blessings, like Job’s, could be restored 10-fold and they would escape a worse outcome than if they were left alone to continue on a path toward sure destruction.
The virus could also be timed to occur when pollens are extremely high causing sinus irritations, colds and other viruses that would also add to the fear factor. These pandemic factors would make people realize if they trusted God in faith or fell prey to the fears about them. If they turned to God their faith would become even stronger and they could withstand the worse dangers ahead. God’s protection would again enfold them and they could live in peace and trust through coming storms. They would remember God’s promise:

2Ti 1:7 For God has not given us the spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind.


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