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How to interpret the parable of the Vines:

God gives several lessons about vines. Hosea 10:1 speaks about Israel being blessed by a good harvest and subsequently setting ...
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How could Christ escape all sin including the sin of Adam, passed on by blood?

Remember that Jesus was immaculately conceived through the Holy Ghost in the womb of Mary, and no bloodline of Adam ...
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What is the meaning of a white stone and a new name received in heaven? Rev.2:17

The ancient Greek culture used a white stone : 1. When acquitted of a crime in court. 2. A stone ...
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Why was Christ’s first miracle turning water into wine at a wedding?

John 2:1-10 For many years I wondered why this miracle might be especially important to be recorded. Then, I read ...
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How could God lose glory as described in John 17:5 ?

In this verse Jesus asks God the Father to glorify them both with the same glory they had before the ...
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What in the world is a Behemoth and a Leviathan?

Job 40:15-24 describes the behemoth as a huge land animal that ate grass, had strong hips and stomach with a ...
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I’m supposed to love my enemies, blessing them and praying for them? God, surely you are kidding!

Luke 6:27-28 says to love our enemies, blessing those that curse us and pray for 79 them that spitefully use ...
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How accurate is the Bible?

The bible is a collection of the works of many authors writing over a long period of time. The Old ...
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Is it possible that Judas Iscariot was saved for Heaven?

Judas doesn’t seem to have much going for him on his own merit. He was a thief that stole from ...
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How do I know God is real, scripture is true and Christ’s resurrection really happened?

• There has to be a creator to have made our complex universe so large, beautiful and intricately made working ...
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