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Alien Truth

Has earth been visited by aliens or who? Over the years we have evidence of strange happenings that cannot be explained by science.

  • Mysterious crop designs that have been seen to happen in an instant as a large orange ball of light hovered above.
  • Some of the designs have been linked to mathematical truth such as the value of pi or 3.141 and continuing.
  • Messages like “Time is short, do not be led astray.”
  • Complicated wall constructions that cannot be duplicated in this day and time.

At no time has anyone been hurt as all of these things have occurred. Observers have been quick to proclaim that earth has been visited by an alien or strange force that created these things. However, all commentators are careful to omit another possibility that is the most likely answer. Why not consider the one all powerful being that created earth in the first place? One who loves mankind and has sought to guide people since creation. To warn them of dangers that can lead them astray and away from their creator. Why not consider God? The message of “Time is short, do not be led astray” directly relates to the bible. Those who know scripture can easily relate that the Rapture and then the tribulation period and second coming of Jesus to earth is expected very shortly. In the meantime, we are called to beware of false religions that would lead followers away from Christ as the true messiah and savior of those who would trust Him. The God who created all things almost in an instant certainly could create intricate designs in a moment that would give us to consider that mankind could not achieve these instant results using a power that we do not understand. So, why not consider if God could be trying to tell us about what is to happen in the near future? Heed the warning and accept God’s help and offer of salvation instead of being taken by surprise after it is too late to prepare. Why not pray and ask God to show you the truth. He really does care and always has.


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