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Scripture Lessons

Eating wisely

Eating wisely by lcl This is not about diets for good health or weight loss although there can be better ...
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Everyone seeks to accomplish something or to be released from something. If the goal is elusive or difficult to achieve ...
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End times

Descriptions. Daniel, Joel 2, Matt.24:3-42, Mark 13, Luke 21:8-36, 23:29-31, Acts 2:17-21, 1Tim4:1-3, 2Tim.3 Sons & daughters prophesy & see ...
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End times leading to and from Christ’s return and 1000 year reign on earth

End times leading to and from Christ's return and 1000 year reign on earth by lcl First will come the ...
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Escaping sexual immorality

The mind is a brilliant tool that God gave us, however, if satan gets a hold on it we cannot ...
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Eternal Daily Grace

Grace, like many things from God is given daily to remain fresh, current and formost in our thoughts. God desires ...
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Faith & Hope

Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and lean not to your own understanding; In all your ways acknowledge ...
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Faith, Love and Obedience Are Basic

Few things are more important to God than Faith, love and obedience. Today, let's consider these things and seek God's ...
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Should be provided for. 1 Tim 5:8
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Is to be done in secret to be rewarded openly by God. Matt.6:17-18 Christ fasted 40 days & nights. Matt.4:2 ...
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