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America’s Moral War

America has fought one civil war to free its slaves from physical bondage. We are now engaged in another more personal war to free slaves from spiritual bondage to sin. Moral decay is rampant and evidenced by crime statistics for middle age people. (Good news: Youth crime and suicide is down about 1/2 from what it was in 1991 in some areas.) A lack of moral teaching results in hopelessness and despair, for without a good and loving God in charge there is no real hope for a better future. Science will not save if it is managed by immoral men and women. Justice will not be meted out when judges do not honor God by upholding His laws and life values. Disintegrated families will find no peace and love. Without loving discipline being given by committed parents, children are left at a disadvantage. If this war is lost, America will collapse emotionally and economically. What can we do? God recommends:

2Ch 7:14 if My people, who are called by My name, shall humble themselves and pray, and seek My face, and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from Heaven and will forgive their sin and will heal their land.

Just as individual salvation is dependant upon personal repentance and acceptance of Christ as lord and savior, the salvation of a nation is dependant upon the church as a group humbly repenting of sin and seeking God in prayer. Note, that when in prayer, one is seeking God for answers and grace instead of looking to the world or even ones-self for solutions. When God is honored, He will act to restore order in His earthly kingdoms.
God’s options to restore order are limitless. In the past, He used various means of destruction to eliminate the offenders and complainers. A flood destroyed the wicked in the time of Noah. Plagues came because of the pride of Pharaoh. The earth swallowed the rebellious in the time of Moses. Fire and brimstone rained on the evil in the time of Lot. A boy named David defeated an army with a single stone from a slingshot. The attack of 9/11 turned many to seeking God. A tsunami killed many in an area rejecting Christ, but allowed Christian help to spread the grace of God. God can use the suffering works of satan to draw the lost to Him or destroy or strengthen them. If the right attitude is kept and the test is passed, better things can be in store for those remaining. Those that die in Christ also find an infinitely better life. However, It is sad that many people cannot accept God’s love and truth without first finding pain. Please pray for our nation and seek God’s will. We need God to win this war!


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